Sunday, May 19, 2024

Jo Confino

Photo by Damon Dahlen

Jo Confino is a journalist and a photographer.

Jo is inspired by the Japanese Wabi Sabi art movement that sees great beauty in impermanence and decay.

He is fascinated by taking pictures of small and insignificant objects that are often falling apart.

By focusing on them and giving them a monumental quality, these objects gain he attention and love that otherwise would pass them by.

Jo also takes a particular interest in photographing reflections, either in water or glass, that bend our sense of reality and allow us to look below the surface of life.

Building reflected in an Amsterdam canal 2017
Remnants of tape stuck to a door frame on the Lower East Side, New York 2018
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  1. […] Jo Confino is a journalist and photographer living in New York. His day job is journalism but his great love is photography. His practice involves simply pounding the streets with the eye of a photographer and documenting what he sees. Confino usually captures his images in one shot on the spot, preferring to capture the immediate moment and then let it go. […]


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