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Jeremiah Ariaz

Jeremiah Ariaz

Jeremiah Ariaz artworks explore the West as both a physical space and a terrain for the imagination. For his most recently completed project, Louisiana Trail Riders he was the recipient of a 2018 ATLAS grant, the Michael P. Smith Award for Documentary Photography from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, the Southern Arts Finalist Prize from South Arts, as well as being named the Louisiana State Fellow. The photographs have been exhibited nationally and a monograph of the work was released last fall by UL Press (2018).

His forthcoming project TUCUMCARI is a decade-long work focused on the New Mexico town while providing a window to the country at the time of a changing workforce and increasing economic inequality. The photographs create a portrait of a distinctly American place caught between a vanishing past and an uncertain future. Ariaz is a Professor at Louisiana State University.

Homer Joseph Decuir Jr. (center) of Bad Weather Stables
Louisiana Trail Riders K-State, Museum installation
Louisiana Trail Riders, Jeremiah Ariaz, UL Press, 2018. 
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  1. […] Jeremiah Ariaz lives and works in Louisiana where he is presently exhibiting a body of work titled Louisiana Trail Riders documenting Creole trail riding clubs. These riders were some of the first “cowboy culture” in the U.S. and exist to this day. More broadly, Ariaz’s work examines tropes of the American West, questioning things that are thought to be understood about American culture and shedding light on alternative narratives. To hear more about Jeremiah Ariaz’s work and the Creole trail riding culture, listen to the complete interview. […]


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