Saturday, April 13, 2024

Jay Stuckey

Jay Stuckey artist photo for Yale RadioPrimarily working with painting and collage, Jay Stuckey creates compositions of familiar images using representational and abstract elements. The humor and accessibility of Stuckey’s work is counterbalanced by each piece’s hidden intricacy and purpose. Referencing his own subconscious and the confessional nature of Jungian psychoanalysis, Stuckey intends the immediacy of his work to present a line of inquiry and revelation to the viewer instead of imposing ideas. Stuckey intends his works to reveal themselves with subtlety and action, instilling the perseverance of his ongoing process.

This interview is the first to remain largely uncut, the after-talk was left in on purpose, because we thought it sounded interesting and lends a little audio-verité to the program.

Find Jay on Instagram or at the gallery’s Instagram. See the gallery here.

Jay Stuckey-Bouquet-2016-17%22x25%22-oil on panel
Jay Stuckey, Bouquet, 2016-17×22, oil on panel
Jay Stuckey-I Am So Sorry-2015-36%22x72%22-oil on panel
Jay Stuckey, I Am So Sorry, 2015, 36×22, oil on panel
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