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Ivana Smiljanić

Ivana Smiljanić, photo by Miša Stojmenović

Ivana Smiljanić is a visual and performance artist born and raised in Belgrade. She graduated and obtained her Magister Degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2009. She also attended a year long program of Women’s Studies at the Center for Women’s Studies in Belgrade.

As a winner of the “Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos” Award , Young Visual Artists Awards network in Serbia, she got an artist residency in the ISCP, New York in 2009. She was also Serbian representative for the Henkel Art Award in 2011. Ivana’s works are part of the Telenor Art Collection and the October Salon Collection of the Belgrade Cultural Center. She currently lives in Belgrade and Bucharest.

In her work, by using various media and resources of her own body, Smiljanić is re-creating/re-interpreting experiences and contexts that she faces as a woman, as an artist and as a citizen. In 2007 she started an on-going performance series I DANCE DANCE DANCE, which tackles various relations and instances forming the system of contemporary culture (from the role of the artist within this system to the marginalization of minority groups).

The interview focuses on Ivana’s major activities in recent years: installations dealing with violence against women entitled “You will remember me”, one of which has been described and could be seen here (solo exhibition in the Contemporary Art Center of Montenegro, 2014)

Books that have been mentioned: “How Should a Person Be“, by Sheila Heti  and “Language and Nationalism” by Snježana Kordić, available for free download in Croatian. And here is a short review in English.

You Will Remember Me, installation view, 2016, Gallery-Legacy Čolaković, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, photo: Ivana Smiljanić
Sensing Realities, installation view, 2015, Galerie B-312, Montreal, photo: Isabelle Guimond
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