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Gunna Schmidt

gunnaportraitGunna Schmidt graduated in painting, graphic and sculpture at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts (following Günther Förg, Rita McBride, Cristina Iglesias, Ben Willikens).

Based in Berlin, the artist is focusing on painting and installation, also curating the project “L‘Oiseau Présente…“, alongside with collegues, exploring the field of contemporary abstraction in painting across it‘s borders (Berlin Art Week/2014; Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall 2015).

Soloshows by Gunna Schmidt have been stated in Berlin (Center, Autocenter, Antik, Sassa Truelzsch, “L’oiseau présente…”, Laura Mars Grp.), Düsseldorf (adeline morlon art direction) and Munich (Galerie Christine Mayer).

Works were internationally included in numerous groupshows (H Gallery/Chiang Mai, Ancient & Modern/London, Sydney Non Objective/ Callicoon Fine Arts/NY, Martos Gallery/NY, Jack Tilton Gallery/NY) and collected in private collections in Germany/Berlin/Munich, Switzerland/Zürich, Finland (Sammlung Miettinen), the USA (NYC, LA) and in the public collection of C.C. Andratx (Mallorca/Spain).

WORLD 1, from the series “A Joyous Flow Of Endless Becoming” oil on raw cottonduck, 94,49 × 61,02 inches
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