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Georg Kargl

Georg Kargl photo
Georg Kargl, Foto: Matthias Bildstein

In June 1998 the Georg Kargl Fine Arts Gallery with an exhibition space of more than 350 m² on 3 levels was opened in Schleifmühlgasse, which has recently developed into one of Vienna’s most renowned gallery districts.

Since then Georg Kargl has not only focused on continuous exhibition activities but also on positioning and placing contemporary artists, whose significance is reflected in present-day international discourse

Besides the existing gallery in Schleifmühlgasse, Georg Kargl created the BOX in spring 2005.

This new exhibition hall has made it possible to act flexibly and to realise exciting projects of artists on a short-term basis. For the BOX Georg Kargl succeeded in inspiring the internationally recognised American artist Richard Artschwager to confront himself for the first-time with a front design, which has been integrated as a permanent installation into Vienna’s public space.

Gallery Facade
Georg Kargl Fine Arts and Georg Kargl BOX, Vienna, 2013, Courtesy: Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, Foto: Matthias Bildstein
Gallery main room view
Captions for the exhibition view: TEXTE IN DER KUNST, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, 2014, Courtesy: Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, Foto: Matthias Bildstein
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