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Esther Sibiude

Esther Sibiude: The Song of Dirt Stammers our Tongue performance at the Kitchen at Westbeth on June 16, 2023. Credit: Rebecca Smeyne for The Kitchen

Esther Sibiude is a visual artist, writer, and harpist working in New York. She studied Fine Arts at the Universität der Künste Berlin from 2009-2014. She currently has a show of new drawings at Entrance Gallery in New York City.

In complement to her visual art practice she writes radio dramas and curates compilations of poetry and music for radio.
Recent performances that she has written, directed and played harp in include “The Song of Dirt Stammers Our Tongue” a live staged radio operetta performed at the Kitchen last month, and “Esra” a live staged adaptation of a radio drama, performed in the panorama of New York City at the Queens Museum. Esther Sibiude’s music ensemble includes a violist, cellist, vocalist, an organist who plays the synthesizer, and herself on the harp.
‘One morning of all the mornings in the world, existence and its problematic aspect rose. Somewhere in this chaotic universe, in a relatively rare occurrence, molecular randomness generated organic proteins.’, 2018
Colored pencil on paper, 25½ x 31½ in. (Framed)
‘Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a calendar of space whose nature was to distribute good and bad luck. On day one, the calendar imposed vertiginous symmetries. An empty sound sprinkled into pink air.’, 2022
Colored pencil on paper, 25½ x 31½ in. (Framed)

‘Her mind slipped down the stairs.’, 2023
Colored pencil on paper, 26½ x 38½ in. (Framed)
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  1. […] Esther Sibiude sat down with us to chat about her show, The Big Crunch, which recently ran at Entrance in NYC. The title comes from the scientific theory of compression in opposition to the big bang. Also a writer, she found the combination of words appealing and a humorously dramatic title to a show that contains somewhat modest colored pencil drawings. To learn more about Sibiude, including her work as a writer and harpist, listen to the complete interview. […]


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