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David Bordett

David Bordett (b. 1991, Shenandoah Valley, VA) is an interdisciplinary sculptor whose work critically examines American lore, half truths, and false promise, casinos and class struggle, road side attractions and exploitation, the optimism of the post war 20th century and the ideologies of control that are at work always in aesthetics. Objects and environments operate as catalysts of fantasy, creating a zone of simultaneous horror and seduction that reveals through popular cultural forms our collective desires, aspersions, and fears.

He received his BFA from the VCU Department of Sculpture and Extended Media, and MFA from the Yale Sculpture Department. For now, he maintains no permanent residence and continues to drive his 1999 Toyota Tacoma that at the time of writing shows over 330,000 miles on its odometer.

Lower Than Below (even the bluest sky changes hue at night) 2021 hand made excavator bucket: steel, aluminum, plywood, adhesive, fasteners, paint, water, aquatic flora
(Collaboration – David Bordett and Tommy Coleman) Wild Card 2023 perforated 1970 Dock Ellis Topps baseball card, LySergic acid Diethylamide, aluminum, steel, concrete, rebar, museum acrylic, paint, security fasteners, Georgia Pine, western red cedar, Arri tripod stand, moss
Starry, Speculative, Spectacle, Skeptical 2023. wood, electrical components, incandescent lightbulbs, braided steel line and hardware, recovered Volkswagen Karmann Ghia body, yard detritus, soil and sod, projectors
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