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Emmanuelle Glon

Glon-E-3ansEmmanuelle Glon is currently working as scientific project manager in the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris (France). She received her PhD degree on philosophy of mind from University of Paris IV Sorbonne and Institut Jean Nicod in Winter 2004. Following her D.Phil she has been post-doc researcher in Queen’s College of Oxford, and then in the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (Humboldt Universität, Germany). In the same time, she was member of Centre Marc Bloch where she worked on the cinema industry and techniques in Nazi Germany.

Her research and publications in philosophy are mainly in three broad areas: (1) Pictures and Perception (2) Imagination, Fiction and Ethics (3) Art and empathy. Her last publication in English: “What movies say about the mind: Neuroscience, Intentional Action  and Rotoscopy”, Pragmatism Today, vol. 5, issue 2, Winter 2014. Her book: Cinéma dans la Tête. L’esthétique du film à la lumière des neurosciences, Bern, 2011. 196 p.

Not long ago, she presented sometimes his experimental videos in little French festivals. She hopes that she’ll be able to do it again.

Here is an extract of “Azote Blonde” (2011) in Festival “Images Contre Nature” (Marseille, France, 2012). Not just a biological constraint or a racist joke, the blonde girl sums up the long pop history of women in cinema.



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