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Emma Coyle

Coyle has been working within art for over 20 years, and has been based in London since 2006.

A recipient of International Art Market’s Gold List award. ‘Top international contemporary artist of today’, ‘Recommended artist to invest in and to be inspired by’, with work acquired by Dame Janet Wolfson de Botton.

Coyle’s first education in art in the 1990’s included an introduction to 1st wave New York Pop Art of the 1950’s. Her current figurative work focuses on the use of contemporary fashion magazine imagery and advertisements, to produce painterly images of a Fine Art quality. Combining primary and secondary line work with ideas in abstraction, minimalism and negative space.

Her recently completed painting series ’Linda’ and ‘Binary’ deal with embracing and disrupting formal composition. For the first time in 2020 Coyle chose to paint mixed white backgrounds in certain pieces, mixing colours is very important to each piece. This work earned an online review in 2020 from Dab Art Co. in Los Angeles and an inclusion in their current Artsy exhibition. Also, in 2021 Coyle was awarded a Distinguished Award from Canada’s ArtAscent magazine and a Finalist Award from Los Angeles’ Art Show International.

Through Coyle’s career her work has appeared within many publications including The Times (UK), London’s Mayfair Times (UK), Avari art (USA), A5 (UK), Al-Tiba9 (Spain), M&Art (Sweden) and Visions Libres (Germany) to name a few. Also, on the covers of Level 25 art journal (USA), Emergo (Netherlands), Litro (UK), and Kapa magazine (Greece).

Coyle’ work was selected by Los Angeles curator Bridget Carron for her collection Power Pop on Saatchi’ online gallery in 2014. In 2018 Coyle’ painting 12.16.07 won the Artness Magazine cover competition and won her an Artist of the Year 2019; Honorable Mention Award from Circle Foundation in France. In 2019 her painting series ‘12.16’ also won her a Special Artist Award from BESTART.  In April 2020 painting Linda no.1 receive a review from Dab Art Co. Los Angeles, and in 2021 won a Finalist Award from Art Show International also in Los Angeles and a Distinguished Award from Canada’s ArtAscent Magazine.

Interviews with the artist have been published in many online and print magazines, including Art Reveal, Murze art magazine, Family Office Elite magazine and

Earlier in her career in Ireland Coyle exhibited in many galleries in Ireland and exhibited for the Irish National Portrait exhibition in 2005. Coyle also exhibited for charities in the Royal Hibernian Academy and Adam’s Fine Art auctioneers. Just before moving to London Coyle had solo exhibitions in the Signal Art Centre in Co. Wicklow and the Bank of Ireland’s art centre in Dublin, and was described as ‘one of the city’s most promising new artist’ {Metro Life newspaper- January 2006}, and a ‘rising young artist’ {Irish Independent- May 2006}.

While exhibiting in London since 2006, Coyle has expanded her audience exhibiting in America where her work has been positively received. She is now represented by the Helwaser gallery on Madison Ave in New York.

This year Coyle continues her work in figurative art with her ‘Sw16’ series, based on contemporary print media images. She is also working on and abstract project, woodblock prints and after 16 years has now returned to photography, using Polaroid and 120mm camera formats.

12.16.07 Acrylic on canvas 2017 60x48inches
12.16.01 Acrylic on canvas 2018 60x48inches
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