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Elisa Strinna

Elisa Strinna, photo by Jessica da Silva

Elisa Strinna is an Italian artist currently based in the Netherlands. Her work investigates the nature/culture bisection, addressing, in particular, the interdependence between individuals and technologies and the byproducts of such affiliations. She does that by studying different types of infrastructures -from the geodetic to telecommunication ones, up to green infrastructures.

Through sculpture, sound, and video, the artist intends to activate aesthetic ecosystems in which some of the hidden relationships that constitute a landscapes emerge. In these hybrid worlds, it becomes difficult to draw a separation between natural and artificial, geological and human, spiritual and material.

Her works have been exhibited at Culturgest Porto (2020), Hong-Gah Museum in Taipei (Taiwan, 2018), at Giardini Greenhouse of the Venice Biennale (Italy, 2015), at the MAXXI Museum (Italy, 2014), at 2012 Taipei Biennial (Taiwan, 2012), at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Guarene (Italy, 2009), amongst others. She attended the international residency program at Jan Van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, the Netherlands 2018/2019).

The book mentioned in the interview is Laboratory Life.

Blind Sun/ Sol Cego, Installation view, Culturgest Porto (PT), 2020; Mixed Media (Porcelain, stoneware, copper, alum crystals, sound (30 m). courtesy the Artist, photo © Alexandre Delmar
Blind Sun – Third Nature, Culturgest Porto (PT), 2020; Mixed Media (Porcelain, copper, alum crystals, sound (30 m). courtesy the Artist, photo © Alexandre Delmar
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  1. […] Elisa Strinna spoke to us from the Italian countryside outside Venice where she was spending time vacationing and researching before returning to Rotterdam, Netherlands. As an artist living in Europe, she has been affected by the pandemic in many ways. Even her present travels have been extended due to her concern about traveling back and forth between Italy and Netherlands. Part of her research now involves visiting greenhouses and meeting people there. Her interest in greenhouses began in Netherlands and extended to her home country of Italy. Strinna’s work examines the intersection of culture and nature and is often focused on different kinds of infrastructures. To hear more about this and other aspects of her work, listen to the complete interview. […]


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