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Dr Inês Rolo Amado

Inês 3Dr Inês Rolo Amado, Born in Portugal, works and lives in England. Her practice spans several media: sculpture, video, site-specific installation, and performance with a particular interest in interdisciplinary, collaboration, participatory and relational projects through a process of dialogue, interaction and exchange. Amado is the creator and organizer of the Interdisciplinary project Bread Matters.

Her main area of research focuses the relationship between doing, empowering, thinking and divulging art, through exhibiting, teaching and curating.
Her most recent work focuses on the exile, displacement, temporality, change and transformation, including the investigation of spaces of transit and of transition invoked by memory and storytelling that reveal cross cultural semiotic aspects as well as historical legacies.

Amado co-organised and co-curated The International Multi Media Symposium an event that took place in the Islands of the Azores involving 25 international artists, writers, musicians and poets focusing on the concept of Place and People with an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach. In 1997 she created Sands in Time, the first live-art video installation on the Internet. Images beamed to London from the Azores by satellite were fused with images of London and projected on sandblasted glass panels, hung from the ceiling of Trinity Buoy Warf Light House, where each viewer became captured between ‘pages of a book’ in a ‘non space non time’ loop.

would you
Dream Economics Iklectik Art Lab London, 2016 A participatory installation inviting people to eat, think and contribute with a thought or a memory on bread
For B
River Flows Museum of Moving Image, Leiria Portugal, 2015/16, local specific Installation – following the river of my youth, being a flâneuse with the knowledge of yesterday.
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