Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Dan Price

imageIn lieu of a traditional biography, this is what Dan Price sent:

As to the bio please just call me an artist, writer, surfer, father, simple living guy who plays Handpans. If you mention my web address all my ebooks and social media is there. Past published books include Radical Simplicity, How To Make A Journal Of Your Life, ‘Moonlight Chronicles, A Wandering Artists’s Journal’, 47 issues of Shots Magazine, 77 issues of Moonlight Chronicles zine, and The Photographs of D. Price.

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  1. […] For this holiday weekend, I will leave you with one of my Yale University radio interview with Dan Price, a photographer that lives on about 5,000 dollars a year in Oregon. He has a great story, was sponsored by a shoe company for a while and met Robert Frank after a long correspondence and more, I think you will enjoy it, and there is also a news video on the interview post – listen and watch by clicking here. […]

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