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Breeze Smith

Breeze Smith plays drums, percussion, and is an instrument designer/builder, sound sculptor and educator.
Performing solo and ensemble formats in Europe and the U.S. with: Dwight Trible, Billy Childs, Nicole Mitchell, David Ornette Cherry and many other musical artists.
Smith studied Ethnomusicology, facilitated workshops and sound guided meditations with a myriad of gongs, singing bowls and eclectic percussion.
Improvising with modern dance and movement artists, among them, his wife, Cheryl Banks-Smith, famed dancer with Sun Ra, Peter Kowald, Cecil Taylor and Dianne McIntyre.
He was the guest artist at the Captial University Music Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. Performing on 5 Breezemuse sound sculptures, which led to individual commissioned sculptures.
Recordings: solo, “SightSoundingBackDrops+8” of which 2 tracks used for independent films. 3 projects with his brother, Stan Smith – “Pathways” “Silent Memory” & “Tadashi’s Room”

Drum Application
Sound Installation / Sculpture
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