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Bertie Brandes

Bertie Brandes grew up in London and studied English. She started her writing career with a column for VICE and after graduating became their UK Fashion Editor.

Self-employed for the past 5 years, she has written for the Observer, GQ, The Times among others and is a contributing editor at i-D.

Since 2011 she has run Mushpit magazine, an independent, globally distributed print magazine founded with creative partner Charlotte Roberts. Together they work as a full-time consulting and creative agency, publishing the magazine bi-annually. 

The cover of Mushpit 10, released in December 2017, art directed by Richard Turley
Fake advert created to ease readers gently into each issue…
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  1. […] Bertie Brandes has just wrapped the tenth issue of her own magazine called Mushpit. The magazine began as a reaction against mainstream women’s media which, while representative of her white female demographic, didn’t reflect her personal experience or that of her peers. Mushpit began as a zine circa 2011 and has since grown into a full color, biannual magazine. Through the magazine, Brandes has found branded consulting projects. Recently Mushpit partnered with Converse to create an A5 branded zine. Distribution of the magazine and branded zines is print copies rather than digital issues. Brandes, who has worked with extreme creative freedom over the years, has discovered that creating within set parameters can give rise to new and interesting challenges. Before Mushpit, Brandes wrote a column for Vice. In this role, she began to develop an understanding of the journalism industry and women’s place therein. Mushpit became a way to reach out to women in an honest, relatable, non-patronizing manner and to evolve as they grow. Apart from circumventing the traditionally male-dominated field of journalism, Brandes is also able to reach beyond the privileged class who largely control publishing in the UK and beyond. For the latest issue, released in December 2017, Mushpit brought on Richard Turley as art director. Turley stripped the magazine down to bare bones, revealing the true, original identity of Mushpit. Reception of the December 2017 issue has been extremely positive. Brandes and creative partner Charlotte Roberts are the force behind the magazine. By doing every aspect of production independently they are able to maintain creative control. To hear more about the latest issue and see images of the magazine, visit the complete interview page. […]


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