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Andrew Braddock

Andrew Braddock performing “proshtasis”

Andrew Braddock was born and raised in Fredericksburg, Ohio. He currently lives in Brooklyn and makes performance and video work there. He serves of the board of directors for Antibody Corporation and is one of three proprietors of Salad Editions, an editioning and fabrication business.

Still from video, “induction”
Still from video, “field”
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  1. […] Andrew Braddock is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. Video and movement are the backbones of Braddock’s work. Presently he is working on a dance piece with choreographer Alex Romania. The ensemble piece will be performed in May. For his own work, Braddock uses video recordings and projections of these recordings during rehearsal time to create layered video pieces. Braddock describes the results as the multiplication of an image. Braddock uses repetitive movement, often unchoreographed, layering various sections of the recorded results upon each other. The work is solo, Braddock is the only dancer in the recorded pieces, and he does not pre-impose limits on the outcome of the work. In terms of his hybrid work, Braddock describes it as performance art. For him, video is a way to circumvent the process of lengthy rehearsals working toward an event thus changing the dynamic entirely. Braddock also co-owns a shop with an artist friend which is where his income is largely based. The shop combines metal fabrication and screen printing techniques, often making materials for artists. To hear more about his take on art, funding, and changing the process, listen to the full interview. […]


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