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Anders Sletvold Moe

Portrait of the artist, while mounting the work Opposite Mountain Lights, Public art project, Norway 2015 Photo: André Løyning

Anders Sletvold Moe’s artistic research is focused on painterly issues that extend beyond the painting per se, but also on the spatial environments in which art is exhibited. He builds on the legacy of minimalist artists who challenged the relation between artworks and their physical contexts. Many of Sletvold Moe’s works are produced quite literally by his cutting into a gallery wall, or by building new constructions out from the wall and by creating painterly effects with colour, light and reflection. Such interventions dissolve the boundaries of artistic media that were considered autonomous during the modernist period. Sletvold Moe demonstrates a genuine interest in Modernism and art history, and in the further development of an abstract visual language, yet one extending beyond the modernistic boundaries of painting. He is therefore rooted in his own day and age, but through his actions and aesthetic reflection, also relates to the history of abstract art.

More on his apartment gallery mentioned in the interview here.

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Passage for Reflection, Site spesific sculpture at The Vigeland Museum, Oslo 2014 Photo: Anders Valde
Disclosed Light
Disclosed Light, Site Spesific installation with daylight, Akershus Art Center, 2016. Photo: Anders Valde
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