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Yasue Maetake

Yasue Portraiture photo by Kyle Knodell

Yasue Maetake is a Japanese-born, New York-based artist. While Maetake respond to a range of influences such as Animism, Baroque, natural forms and industrial constructions, her work centers on the creation of evocative sculptures that grapple with non-controllable forces of nature and serve as a proxy for the human body.

Maetake was recently named by Artsy as one of 20 international women advancing the field of sculpture and, her work was exhibited at Palazzo Benzon, in conjunction with the 58th Venice Biennale and The Chimney, Brooklyn.

She was a resident of El Anatsui’s studio in Nigeria with a research grant from Cultural Ministry Japan. She holds MFA from Columbia University.

Symbolic Atmosphere VIII 2020 H30 x 44 x 24 inch. assorted animal bones & seashells, steel, brass, copper, cotton pulp, synthetic clay photo by Kyle Knodell
Precarious Windbreak  2019 H115 x 67 x 71 inch. copper corrosion and steel corrosion on pulp, steel, bronze, cane photo by Allegheny Art Galleries, PA
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  1. […] Yasue Maetake lives and works in Queens New York. She has been able to access her studio throughout the pandemic lock down. She has focused on her sculptural work during this time utilizing her first floor studio as well as the basement of the building for larger projects. She has also been focused on smaller, semi-life-sized works. Her pieces are mixed media with abstracted appearances. Maetake has been recently working more toward the symbolism of pieces rather than the physical elements of gravity and how her own body is involved in the process of creation. To hear more about this shift and her work, listen to the complete interview. […]


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