Warren Neidich

Warren Neidich is a conceptual artist and theorist based in Berlin and Los Angeles. He is the founding director of Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art and the English editor of Archive Books, Berlin. He founded the website www.artbrain.org which includes the Journal of Neuroaesthetics in 1997. His Pizzagate Neon was exhibited as part of the 2019 Venice Biennial in the Zuecca Project Space. Recently published books include Glossary of Cognitive Capitalism, Archive Books, 2019; Neuromacht,Merve Verlag, Berlin, 2017. He has been guest tutor at Goldsmiths College, London 2004-2007 and the Weissensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin 2016-2018 as well as lecturing at such institutions as Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Brown University, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge
Pizzagate Neon, 2019, Neon Glass, Zuecca Project Room, Venice Biennial.
Phantoms of the Acephalous,KAI 10 Foundation, Dusseldorf,Neon Glass and Prosthetic Arms, 2020


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