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Tobe Carey

Tobe Carey is an independent film producer and director and photographer.

His Catskill Mountains/Hudson Valley documentaries include Luis Moses Gomez and His Mill House, The First Artist in America, Rails to the Catskills, The Catskill Mountain House and The World Around, Sweet Violets, Woodstock Summer of ’94, and Deep Water (with Robbie Dupree and the late Artie Traum).

Carey’s projects also include a 20-year collaboration with performance artist Linda Mary Montano. Additional projects include docu-memoirs  Stanley’s House and School Board Blues as well as Poetry of a Watershed Stream, Waste, Fraud and Abuse and Paper or Plastic, available online. 

He is president of Willow Mixed Media a not-for-profit arts organization working on issues of social concern, like Sing For the Silenced with musician Marc Black and All Politics is Local, documenting two years of political events in Woodstock and Kingston. Many of  Carey’s short productions are available on his two YouTube Channels and Vimeo.

Carey’s latest project is “Tight Lines” a history of fishing in the Esopus Watershed, now in production, with photographer and Catskills guide Mark Loete.  His documentaries and art projects have been seen in film festivals and on cable and broadcast television and are available as DVDs and for streaming on Vimeo-on-demand.

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  1. […] Tobe Carey is an independent filmmaker living in upstate New York. At the moment, Carey is involved in several projects. He is collaborating with Linda Montano, with whom he has worked many times, on a piece titled Linda and Tobe Make a Tape for the Dorsky which is part of a larger series. At the same time, Tobe is working on a documentary about fishing in a famous trout stream nearby where he lives. Much of his work concentrates on Hudson Valley history. To hear more about Tobe’s work, past, present and future, and the ways in which Tobe Carey finds funding for his work, listen to the complete interview. […]


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