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Thomas Trum

“In his approach to painting, [Thomas Trum tries] to find out everything there is to know about a certain paint or piece of equipment before using it in his work. The way he works on a smaller piece of paper is basically similar to when he makes a large mural: by zooming in and out on his own methods he can work on many different surfaces and sizes. Paint is his muse, whether it is in small-scale research or expanding public spaces with his colourful large-scale work.”  – by Rianne Groen

Thomas Trum (1989) lives and works in s’-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2014. 

His works have been shown at a variety of galleries and museums like Het Nieuw Instituut, Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam and Het Noordbrabants Museum, ’s-Hertogenbosch. 

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