Saturday, July 20, 2024

Thomas Geiger

Thomas Geiger is an artist working with performative, ephermeral and intangible approaches, mainly in public space. He is the initiator of “The Festival of Minimal Actions”, a festival dedicated to small actions in public space and “Kunsthalle3000“, an institution as intervention in public space. Furthermore he is a co-founder of the publishing house Mark Pezinger Verlag. In many respects his performance “I want to become a millionaire” can be seen as the back bone of his practice, allowing him to finance his activities in an independent way. Currently he is working on the 4th part of Kunsthalle3000 which will take place in Beirut in May.
The title of the book he is speaking about in the interview is “Beyroutes: A guide to Beirut” by Rani al Rajji (who will also participate in Kunsthalle3000).
Kunsthalle3000–Johannesburg took place in a field of “bricklessness”, true to the situationist quote: “Under the pavement, the beach!”
Since 2010, Geiger offers signed and numbered “I want to become a millionaire Sheets” for one euro a piece.

Florencia Escudero

Areum Yang

Raquel Rabinovich


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