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Skuja Braden

Skuja Braden portrait in porcelain 2020

Skuja Braden is a pseudonym & the surnames of International duo Ingūna Skuja (Latvia), & Melissa Braden (USA) working collectively & primarily with porcelain. Skuja Braden represents an “absence of presence” of an individual author, where two artists have combined forces creating a fictive and alternate proxy identity.

Collaboration is the non-hierarchical framework Skuja Braden utilize as method, strategy, and philosophy, exploring alternative relations to power through a fusion of disparate identities, inclinations, and perceptions. The work is conceptually based, but always expressed as a synthesis of painting & sculpture. Their works blend decorative, literary, and political elements into hybrid forms utilizing material that is historically associated with absolute refinement.

Afternoon Matinee, porcelain (65x39x21 cm) 2021
Flower Power, porcelain (64x33x30) 2022
Rock-a-bye, porcelain, stoneware, wood, and wax (56x64xx36cm) 2008
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  1. COMPLETELY grossed out by Flower Power. I don’t care if they hate the male organ and just because they had genre issues they feel the need to create this. Lacks artistic taste. Period.

  2. […] Skuja Braden is an international art duo made up of Ingūna Skuja and Melissa Braden. The two recently closed a show, Pardon My Body, at Kaufmann Repetto in NYC. The title references many layers of meaning. One of these speaks to the artists being born into the wrong bodies themselves. Recently married after a long wait (the two have been together since 1999), the title alludes to the fact that if one of them had been born in the body of a man, things would have been far easier. To hear more, listen to the complete interview. […]


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