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Sandra Mann

SANDRA MANN, photo: Tom Kauth

Sandra Mann is one of the most renowned artists and photographers of Germany. In her cross-genre oeuvre – she employs a wide range of artistic forms of expression such as photography, installations, sculpture, and video – she conceptually addresses the relationship between people themselves and between people and nature, the environment, the animal world, and gender.

Her work and teaching is defined by an exploration of the fundamentals of photography, imagery, and image perception. She also curates exhibitions in and outside Germany. She is a member of the international curator network Qipo and works as a jury member for photography and art competitions. Alongside various other prizes she got scholarships such as the Stipendium der Universitätsstiftung Augsburg, the Stipendium der Deutschen Künstlerhilfe, the Helsinki-Reisestipendium des Kulturamt and the Goetheplakette of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

She was 2016/17 Artistic Ambassador of Stiftung Palmengarten und Botanischer Garten and since 2017 she is Artistic Ambassador of the Keep The World Foundation.

Her works are represented in national and international collections, including Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main, MUCA in Mexico City, Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, Vehbi Koç Foundation in Istanbul, and the Art Collection Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation.

060814-8816 Hommage an Monet (Jessica & “Seerosen”, Buchschlag, Germany), 2014
210819-1309 Tigertarn (Le Brothers & LeLe Fire,Phu Quoc, Ru Cha, Hue, Vietnam), 2019
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  1. […] Sandra Mann spoke to us from Frankfurt, Germany where COVID infection rates had begun to drop. The pandemic has limited the number of exhibitions Mann, a photographer, has been able to accomplish and has pushed her role as a photographic history and design teacher at European School of Design to online classes. This year, Mann was awarded the Plaque of Frankfurt for her work in photography. The other recipient this year was famed composer Hans Zimmer. To hear more about her work and life, listen to the complete interview. […]


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