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Roger Wing

Self-portrait mask, Fir, 2000

Roger Wing was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1968, the middle child of two educators. He studied at UC Santa Cruz, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Montana.

As well as carving wood, his primary medium, Wing has travelled the world carving ice, snow and sand. Among the most influential experiences of Wing’s life were five weeks spent in Japan studying Buddhist and traditional wood carvings and two summers learning to carve marble in the studio of Manuel Neri, in Carrara, Italy. Wing’s family, home and studio are in West Philadelphia where he is part of a vibrant arts community.

The Othering of Eve, Paulownia, 2019
Sculpting ice at Changchun World Sculpture Park, 2018.
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  1. […] Roger Wing lives and works in Philadelphia where he was busy with an outdoor tree carving at the time of interview. Wing has been a wood carver for about 30 years. Over the years he got involved in ice carving which opened him up to how to make larger scale carvings with wood. These days he completes quite a lot of commissions for people using trees that have died but are still rooted in the ground. The carving he was working on when we spoke was an 8 foot tall Ash tree trunk that had succumbed to the Emerald Ash Borer that Wing was turning into a family of Rabbits. To hear more about Roger Wings many projects and his experience working with both ice and wood (sometimes at the same time – and once during a Sanctuary City hearing in Philadephia), as well as a recent addition to his repertoire in the form of sand carving, listen to the complete interview. […]


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