Robert(a) Marshall

Photo credit: Gina Ruggeri

Robert(a) Marshall’s biography of Carlos Castaneda, American Trickster, is due out from University of California Press in 2022. Their novel, A Separate Reality, was published by Carroll & Graf in 2006; their writing has also appeared in Salon, The Evergreen Review, N + 1 Online, the Kenyon Review, Barcelona Review, Another Chicago Magazine and numerous other publications.

Their paintings, photographs, and videos have been shown at Participant Inc, White Columns, Art in General, Baxter Street, Studio One Gallery, and many other venues in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. They are the coproducer of Trickster, a podcast about Castaneda.

Double Self portrait 1 42 x 36 UV Curable Ink on Mirrored Dibond 2020
Car Window 42 (JFK) 42 x 56 UV curable ink on Mirrored Dibond 2019


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