Rebekah Modrak

Rebekah Modrak is an artist and writer whose practice is at the intersections of art, activism, and creative resistance to consumer culture. Her web-based artworks critique brand messaging. Re Made Co. ( takes the form of an online “company” to parody actual company Best Made Co.’s appropriation of working class identities and revitalization of traditional male roles. RETHINK SHINOLA ( analyzes and exposes a complex and patronizing agenda of marketing the White savior myth, Detroit, and authenticity. Modrak is a co-curator of #exstrange, a curatorial project featuring site-specific works by artists using eBay as a site for the exchange of ideas. She is co-editor of the recently published Radical Humility: Essays on Ordinary Acts (Belt 2021) in which twenty writers consider humility as a state of being, with the power to impact institutions, families, and individuals. She is the lead author of Reframing Photography (Routledge 2011), a book critically exploring photographic representation, ethics, re-enactments, mediated vision, and other issues within the image-based world. Modrak is a professor at Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan where she teaches courses related to image culture, commerce, labor, interventionist tactics, and wearable art.

Still from the Re Made / Best Made Echo video.
Best Made Co. and Re Made Co. New York Times articles.
Lecture, originally presented by Shinola’s President to students in U-M’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Restaged for RETHINK SHINOLA.
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