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Rana Tahir

Rana Tahir is a poet, artist, and educator living in Portland, OR. She earned her MFA from Pacific University and is a Kundiman Fellow. Her work has previously appeared in Print Oriented BastardsFresh Literary Magazine, and Catch among others.
Books mentioned in the interview:
“Asrar” Oil on Canvas, 24 x 16 inches (This painting is inspired by and named after the Kuwaiti resistance member Asrar al-Qabandi. The Kuwaiti flag is painted upside down, a symbol for distress.)
“Crossings” Oil on Canvas, 16 x 24 inches
“Bukhoor” Oil on Canvas, 10 x 5 ft. (This is the painting we talked about. Bukhoor is a type of incense made from wood chips soaked in oil, it is a staple in households in the middle east. Bukhoor is also the name of the manuscript of these Gulf War poems.)
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  1. […] Rana Tahir spoke to us from Portland, Oregon in late April. She finds reflection on the last year quite strange, particularly at the moment when we spoke as the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case had come out that very day. Almost exactly a year previously, Tahir found herself in the streets fighting for justice following the murder of George Floyd. Tahir is a poet, artist and educator, as well as a Kundiman Fellow. To hear more about her work, her influences, including the war in Kuwait from which her parents fled, as well as live readings of her work, listen to the complete interview. […]


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