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P Elaine Sharpe

Newfoundland, 2015

I don’t have a story to tell through painting.

I try and I fail.

I try to understand how to ‘make a painting’ but instead the painting makes me.

It taunts me.

I am obsessed with paint; it is a fetish, a stand in for what I used to desire in my work, but it is more demanding and unresolved than any desire I have ever experienced.

How do you talk about something that involves every aspect of your present state and know-how to someone who is not you, other than by stepping back and letting them experience their own reception and perception of the work?

I want the seduction of paint itself to be perceived.

Personal details: born and raised in Toronto, deep roots in Newfoundland and the Gaspé, spouse still living, child long grown, MFA, PhD, EiEiO

-P Elaine Sharpe

In the following interview, the book mentioned can be found here, and the details for the current show she is having is below.

Pareidolia – P Elaine Sharpe
October 5 – October 28
Opening Thursday, October 5th, 6-9pm

Pareidolia, an exhibition of paintings by Toronto based artist P Elaine Sharpe, marks her first solo exhibition with Wil Kucey Gallery.

Sharpe focuses her time in the studio on examining the intricate subtleties and boundaries of the painting process. The resulting collection of work reflects an intimate engagement with exploring surface and application. The results are generous to both producer and viewer.

Sharpe has developed a vocabulary of line and formal expression in paint that provides the framework for the multiple bodies of work included in the exhibition.

Whether focused on the unfurling of sinewy strands or reveling in the geology of paint revealed through sanding, obscuring, and reconstruction, Sharpe finds a tactile and sense-based pleasure in making her work, honing her interests in pushing the inherent constraints of space, material and the search for fulfillment throughout her processes.

Pareidolia 1, 72X48″, oil on canvas, P Elaine Sharpe, 2017
Pleasure Seekers 3, Submissive, 30X36″, Tinted acrylic ground and flashe on birch panel, P Elaine Sharpe, 2017
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