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Nathan Carter

NATHAN8629Nathan Carter lives and works in Brooklyn New York. He is currently working on a short film project that uses hand drawn paper figures, sculptures and dioramas to tell the story of four women who leave high school and start a band called the Dramatics. The story follows the band from it’s naissance as the singer Molly Blowout convinces a classical guitar player friend named Crimson Ivy switch to electric guitar and start a rock and roller rock band. They quickly add Melancholly on electric bass guitar and Calamity on drums. 

Together they make music and have crazy adventures while on tour before they break up in Paris.

He is represented by Casey Kaplan gallery.

Image 2
Here we see the DRAMASTICS in their sweltering and malodorous rehearsal space working hardly on their new song “Nelly Nostrils”. They mostly agree it sounds much better now and venture out for snacks and a fight with the boys in their rival band the Creamin’ Demons. Paper figures in diorama film set. 2015
Caption 2 and additional image; Fascinators Thorough in the Borough Ocean Eyes, Soma, Cissy Strut and Lucifer Acrylic on aluminum. 2016
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