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Molly Hassler

Molly Hassler is an interdisciplinary artist, often embracing collaboration and primarily using drawing and fibers techniques to mine the complex relation between representation and identity as a queer person in the Midwest. Through printing, drawing, weaving and quilting, she is actively sewing up the past, literally and metaphorically mending. Her fine art practice rests most comfortably between peculiar three dimensional objecthood and semi-narrative works containing drawings and text that speak to the sweetness and trauma of queer and trans coming of age.

Hassler is a 2022 recipient of the Mary L. Nohl Fellowship and 2021-2023 Springboard for the Arts: Rural Regenerator Fellowship. She has shown her work in exhibitions including Ortega Y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn, New York, The Jackson Dinsdale Art Center in Hastings, Nebraska as well as Portrait Society Gallery and Real Tinsel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently working as a teaching Artist in Residence with Lynden Sculpture Garden and Woodland Pattern Book Center, she carries out multiple community based projects in Milwaukee Public Schools.

The book mentioned at the end of the interview was Johnny Appleseed.

“I Keep My Feelings In My Chest”  Quilted Chest Binder;  Hand Dyed Cotton, Piecework, Thread, Fringe 2020
“She Was a Public House” : Detail of “Serving Fish”, Ongoing Installation; Gouache Painting, Wood, Soft Sculpture, Paper Mache, Plaster, 2019 – 2020 
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