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Lucia Buricelli

Lucia Buricelli is a photographer from Venice, Italy, based between New York City and Milan. In her work, Buricelli is interested in exploring everyday life in all its forms: interactions between people, animals that live in urban environments, objects that have fallen to the ground, and self-portraits. Ultimately, Buricelli is interested in documenting different aspects of urban daily life. Her clients include The New York Times, Vogue, Time, Vice, among others.

New Collectors is an art gallery that primarily features work by emerging artists. The gallery was founded on the premise that the art world is inherently difficult to penetrate, and there need to be more approachable ways for people to explore and buy artwork. The types of exhibitions have ranged widely in the gallery’s first year; there have been shows with students from the School of Visual Arts MFA program, shows curated from open calls, and even exhibitions that utilize augmented reality to display NFTs. The gallery hopes to bring light to new ways of exhibiting while continuing to foster the careers of the artists it represents.

Wild City Installation, New Collectors, October 2022
Naples, Italy (2022), inkjet print on archival paper, 31×21, edition of 5
New York City, USA (2019) inkjet print on archival paper, 13×19″, edition of 10.
New York City, USA (2019), inkjet print on archival paper, 19×13,edition of 10
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  1. […] Lucia Buricelli spoke to us in early October about her show, Wild City, which ran until October 9 at New Collectors Gallery. The show included 12 of Buricelli’s photographs of animals inhabiting urban spaces. The interaction between animals and the human-dominated urban environment gave the show its title. In one image, a raccoon looks directly at the camera as it climbs a fence with tourists in the background. To hear more about the exhibition and other aspects of Buricelli’s work, listen to the complete interview. […]


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