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Jana Danilović

Jana Danilovic, born on 1989 in Užice, Serbia. I received my Masters degree in Monumental painting from Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kraguevac in 2013, and my D.A. degree at Belgrade’s Faculty of Applied Arts, as I  defended my doctoral project „City and paintig – the role of painting in public space“ in 2018.  Focus of my interest is on various aspects of „public“, in my artistic practice as well as in my research. My artistic production is dominantly based on drawing, which I apply to pretty much everything, from paper, canvas, wood to walls. I like to explore possibilities of materials and contexts in everlasting attempts to illustrate and understand subjects that I personally feel affected by, but that are at the same time universal enough for pretty much anybody to empathyze with. So far,I displayed my work on thirteen solo exhibitions and over fifty collective exhibitions worldwide, and painted murals in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Greece and Fance. I think that art should be approachable and democratic, which is why street art and muralism became my primary field of action. Co-founder of Rekonstrukcija Street Art Festival.  Worked at the Teachers` training faculty  for three full semesters, before I realised I feel way better in the studio and out on the street painting.  I live and work in Belgrade.

Mural titled Savage Love, painted in 2018 in Sisak, Croatia
Absence / Resistance (from Trophy Room series), 2019


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  1. […] Jana Danilović spoke to us from Serbia where she is in the midst of painting a mural and in fact called us from the site where she descended from scaffolding to talk to us. Danilović was contacted by the team responsible for a festival that had to be put on hold due to the pandemic. In lieu of the festivities, they decided to commission the mural. The wall on which Danilović is painting is around 120 square meters (approx. 1292 sq. ft.) and the mural illustrates the artist’s personal view on what are valuable symbols of culture including representations of dance, music and creation. To hear more about the details of the mural which Danilović admits are tricky to verbalize, listen to the complete interview. […]


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