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Hoàng Hưng

Born in 1942 into an intellectual family with Western influence. Teacher of literature in high school since 1965. Journalist since 1973. Imprisoned for 39 months (1982-1985) for keeping poems in manuscript considered “anti-revolutionary”. After the “Renewal Policy” of the Communist Party of Vietnam (1986-1987), resumed journalist job and publishing poetry & translation, poems of prison experience excepted. Poems translated into French, English, Swedish and published in France, the US and Sweden. Western poems translated and published by Hoang Hung include Guillaume Apollinaire, Federico Garcia Lorca, Walt Whitman, Wallace Stevens, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Simic, Louise Gluck, Margaret Atwood, Harry Martinson, Nelly Sach.

In 2014, Hoang Hung and colleagues found the “underground” Independent Union of Vietnamese Writers & its website

Hoang Hung divide his time between Saigon (Hochiminh City) Vietnam and Plano TX, USA where lives his son.

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