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Gerben Willers

Gerben Willers, photo by Laura Andalou

Gerben Willers (1982) is the owner of All Together Now: Label for Contemporary Art. From 2001 – 2008 Gerben studied at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) where he got his Masters degree in Modern and Contemporary Art History. During his years in Groningen, he worked at the art division of VERA: Club for the International Underground and he founded his first initiative for contemporary art, Gallery on the Streets (2005). GOTS combined online and physical art experience and -distribution.

 In 2008 he started working for showroom MAMA Rotterdam, curating solo- and group exhibitions with some of the key figures from the European and American contemporary art scene. Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin, Ryan McNamara, Oscar Murillo, Aids-3d (Nik Kosmas & Daniel Keller), Jonas Lund, Constant Dullaart and JODI are just a few of the many artists he worked with. November 2014, Gerben Willers founded  All Together Now. 

All Together Now represents and guides contemporary artists in their careers, and is committed to the production, presentation, mediation, and sale of their work. All Together Now supports its artists by actively presenting and programming their work. Since contemporary art production is versatile – performances, films, plays, music, and painting can be individual or multiple elements within an artist’s practice – All Together Now presents these approaches in relevant locations including film festivals, the internet, exhibition halls, theaters, and art fairs. Therefore, All Together Now doesn’t only have its own exhibition space, but also works from an office, from which artists are exhibited around the world.

These are the links mentioned during the interview – The exhibition he mentioned at Witte de WithThe book he mentioned, A Way of Learning: Growing in Cultural Institutions, can be obtained via showroom MAMA, click here for that.

Wayne Horse, In the Hole [film still], 2014. Film. 2 min. 30 s. Click on image to see video
Fraser Stewart, Behind the Wheel, 2014. Car, electric motor. 2,2 x 3 x 3 meters.
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