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Carlos Monleon Gendall

Carlos works with a variety of processes and materials, both living and nonliving, that result in sculptural and participatory artworks.These span across different levels of bodily sensation and awareness; from the microbiological to the performative and social bodies. His main line of line of work traces evolutionary processes that stem from digestion and cognition and result in the distribution of biological processes across multi-species entanglements and cybernetic metabolisms.

Carlos has developed collaborative projects at spaces such as Autoitalia, Seventeen Gallery and Diaspore Project Space, London, Cráter Invertido, Mexico, Hangar, Lisbon as well as institutions such as CA2M, and Matadero, Madrid, HIAP Helsinki, and has shown his individual practice at LUMA Arles, Z33, Istanbul Design Biennial or the Tallin Biennial amongst others.

The books mentioned in the interview were Sensitive Chaos by Theodor Schwenk, Nose Dive a field guide to the world’s smells by Harold McGee and Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake.

Colloquy of Vessels-2018-2020 Hand Blown Glass, steel tubing, cotton thread, avocado stone.
SAUNA – 2017
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