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C Bangs

C Bangs art investigates frontier science combined with symbolist figuration from an ecological feminist point of view. Her work is included in public and private collections as well as in books and journals. Public Collections include MoMA & Brooklyn Museum, artist book collections, Institute for Interstellar Studies, Custer Institute, Library of Congress, NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center, The British Interplanetary Society, New York City College of Technology, Pratt Institute, Cornell University and Pace University.

Her art has been included in eleven books and two peer- reviewed journal articles, several magazine articles and art catalogs. Merging art and science, she worked for three summers as a NASA Faculty Fellow; under a NASA grant she investigated holographic interstellar probe message plaques. Starlight, Starbright: Are Stars Conscious? Curtis Press, 2015 and Star Bright? Matloff, Bangs, 2015, investigates consciousness from the point of view of panpsychism both philosophically, historically and scientifically. Both books and accompanying video explore universal consciousness.

Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth, Matloff, Bangs, Johnson, Springer, 2014, Paradise Regained, Johnson, Matloff, Bangs, Springer, 2010 and Living off the Land in Space, Matloff, Johnson, Bangs reflect work done as a NASA Faculty Fellow. With Greg Matloff, More Telescope Power (2002), Telescope Power (1993), The Urban Astronomer (1991), Mallove, Matloff, Bangs ,The Starflight Handbook (1989), Wiley. Science/Art, Art/Science Exchange.

Plant Cure, Installation detail
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