Biraaj Dodiya

Biraaj Dodiya (b. 1993) is a Mumbai based visual artist primarily working in painting and sculpture.

Forms and language around absence, uncertainty and impermanence influence her work. Working within abstraction, her paintings are built through processes of repair and erasure, often evoking the nocturnal landscape and bringing up questions of distance and temporality. Dodiya’s sculptural works often combine discarded objects, industrial material, personal relics and studio detritus.
Dodiya received her MFA from New York University (2018) and BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015). Her recent solo Stone is a Forehead was at Experimenter, Kolkata in 2020.

She is currently reading Bernard Malamud Rembrandt’s Hat.

Silver grip 78 x 60 inches, Oil on linen, 2021
Green Ray 78 x 60 inches, Oil on linen, 2020
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