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Anthony Philip

Anthony Philip has a passion for sharing art with the public, specifically helping both emerging artists and novice collectors develop a more meaningful relationship to fine art in their lives.

His more than 20 years’ experience working in every capacity of the business, from planning and executing more than 65 exhibitions, to client services, sales and curatorial research, as well as being both an artist and collector himself, allows a unique perspective that he brings to his position as Director of Anthony Philip Fine Art.

Anthony has been involved in fine art since the 1990s. He began as an artist working in multiple disciplines, and then spent 14 years at one of the top commercial fine art galleries in St. Louis, Missouri before relocating to New York with his wife, Brandi Wills.

In 2015, they founded Anthony Philip Fine Art, with the belief that artists should make a good living by their trade, and that anyone who loves art should be able to own it. They have combined these two principles into a business that creates opportunities and builds advocacy for emerging artists, while allowing clients of all means to build investment-grade collections.

Bob Clyatt and Anthony Philip
Anthony Philip and Brandi Wills In the gallery
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