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Anthony James

Artist Anthony James and his first exhibition in the region entitled Light at Opera Gallery in DIFC.
Antonie Robertson/The National

Anthony James (b. 1974) is a London-born, Los Angeles-based artist who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a degree in painting.

James is known for his monumental sculptures and installations that embrace Minimalism, Transcendentalism and Light & Space. In the winter of 2023, James became the first and only visual artist to have work exhibited on all seven continents when he installed one of his stainless steel, glass, and LED Portals at White Desert’s base camp in Antarctica near the South Pole. “In my practice I’m trying to give a visual demonstration of the infinite or the divinity inside us all,” says James. “If you’re seeing and experiencing this ever-expanding cosmos, hopefully that’s a window to explore this underlying law of nature, this inner light.”

Constellations, Glass, Steel, LEDs. 2020, courtesy Anthony James Studio
Constellations, Glass, Steel, LEDs. 2020, courtesy Anthony James Studio
Wall Portal (detail) 40”, Glass, Steel, LEDs. 2020, courtesy Melissa Morgan Fine Art
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  1. Fascinating indeed!!! and the sculptures, installations or expressions or statements of life , whatever you call them does not matter, – are just Profound and Beautiful in some unexplainable way. Mister Anthony James How Incredible!!!! you have achieved what you desired for a viewer – all i could think is how inspiring and breathtaking the whole experience, regardless of the fact that i am looking at a computer simulated image of artwork. Powerful. Thank you. Impossible to imagine how it is to experience live. Moreover, thank you for the fantastic interview! felt too short:-)and craving for more:-)

  2. […] Anthony James spoke to us about his work, which can be seen at Melissa Morgan Fine Art. James began creating and making at a young age, and when he was a teenager, made endless paintings and drawings. Today, his art tends to be sculptural/installation work, though, he recently noticed when viewing some of his early work at his mother’s home, uses the same color palette. To hear more about James’ work and live, listen to the complete interview. […]


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