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Anne Vieux

The boundary between digital and analog, between novel and nostalgic, is an ever-evolving realm explored in the work of artist Anne Vieux.
Having received her BFA in painting and art history from the Kansas City Art Institute and her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Vieux’s process merges traditional painting with an experimental approach all her own. Using the refracted light patterns of an optical scanner as a jumping off point, Anne mines the depths of digital imagery to look at the patterns and flows behind an image. Appearing at times both metallic and aqueous, her abstract paintings capture something not possible in an analog world, but give warmth and even soul to the randomized data. This marriage of virtual image, physical materiality, and painterly finesse ultimately seeks the tension between the physical and digital realms.

With over a decade of work, Vieux has expanded her repertoire to include painting, sculpture, installation, video, artist books, and nfts. in a time when technology rapidly evolves and transforms our experience of life along with it, Vieux’s ability to find beauty and meaning in the flux has garnered her widespread acclaim and a stream of international exhibitions, including solo shows at The Hole, The Journal, NY, NY; County Gallery, Palm Beach, FL; as well as group shows with König Galerie, Berlin, DE; Cranbrook art museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Hunter College Art Gallery, National Arts Club, NY, NY; and Newcomb Art Museum, New Orlean’s, LA. Vieux’s work has been added to notable collections, such as the Newcomb Art Museum, the libraries the Moma, the Met, Virginia Commonwealth, Reed college. Vieux has been commissioned for numerous public art works across the country, including a site-specific installation at the Facebook HQ in San Francisco, CA.
Vieux currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Mirror Proxies, installation image at The Hole
{{verdure}}, 2022. acrylic and ink on canvas, 86 x 72 inches
~~##_, 2022, digital video h264, 30fps mp4 (2min loop), 3840 x 2160 px
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