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Anastasia Patsey

Anastasia Patsey is a curator based in St. Petersburg, Russia and working internationally. She graduated from the St. Petersburg State Stieglitz Art Academy (Department of History and Theory of Visual Arts) and received her MA at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences — a joined program of the St. Petersburg State University and the Bard College NY.

Since 2012 she is a permanent member of the curatorial team at the “Pushkinskaya-10” — the oldest non-governmental cultural institution in Russia founded in 1989. In 2013 Anastasia Patsey founded the “2,04 gallery”, which functions as a shared art laboratory and project incubator for emerging art professionals.

She is co-founder and board member of the “Paideia School of interpretation of contemporary art”, launched in 2014. Since 2012 she is directing the St. Petersburg International Art Residency (SPAR), which regularly hosts interdisciplinary art professionals to from all over the world.

In Fall 2015 Anastasia Patsey was offered the directorial position at the St. Petersburg Museum of nonconformist art (MoNA) that she currently holds. Anastasia Patsey is regularly invited as a guest lecturer by the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the Pushkin Leningrad State University and the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

The books mentioned in the interview are the Documenta-14 catalogue and the “History of an Old Apartment” (available only in Russian).

Museum of nonconformist art at the Pushkinskaya-10 art centre, view from the inner yard
“Crime & Crime” (2015), view of installation by Agathe Simon (FR), exhibition “Transpositions” curated by Anastasia Patsey
View of the exhibition “Transpositions II: How we find our ways to transcendental homelessness” (2017) curated by Anastasia Patsey
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  1. […] Anastasia Patsey is director of The Museum of Nonconformist Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. The museum focuses on work by so-called illegal artists whose work was banned by the Russian government and spans the time from the 1950s to today. Patsey enjoys curating and does so outside her role as director both at the museum and privately. Patsey discusses the word Nonconformist in the context of the wider art community. “For this particular that we work with, there are different names. We really like the word nonconformist art but it is also sometimes called The Art of the Soviet Dissidents or it can be called The Second Culture or The Art of the Underground Leningrad.” Residencies play an important role in contemporary art, Patsey says. The concept of home has been upended in the lives of many artists who travel permanently as part of their work whether to residencies or biennials. […]


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