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Amit Wolf

selfAmit Wolf is an innovator in the field of design, a writer and a curator.

Wolf taught at UCLA, Woodbury University and SCI-Arc. He is a frequent participant in design reviews, lectures, and colloquia at institutions across the United States and Italy. Wolf is the recipient of the 2012 California Interdisciplinary Consortium of Italian Studies Award and the 2013 Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

Wolf’s exhibition, Beyond Environment (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy, March 28 through April 19, 2015, September 4 through November 9, 2014, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone, Italy, September 26 through November 30, 2015; with Emanuele Piccardo), takes stock of the unexpected links between Italian Superarchitecture and American Land and Performance Art. Fabrication and Fabrication, the collection of essays and research he recently edited, points to a similar thoroughgoing conflation of fields, including parametric design and robotics.

Recently Wolf collaborated with SCI-Arc and the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University with the aim of integrating Deep Learning AI with architectural robotics. Sponsored by Intel, this collaboration awards soft behaviors to medium payload industrial robots. The resulting human-robot control platform promotes dynamic environments of design and production that eschew conventional modes of industrial and architectural production. In his upcoming exhibition and workshop Datadraw (Wedge Gallery, Woodbery University; with Jordan squires) Wolf teams up with Dato, the Seattle-based machine learning software group. Datadraw builds on the data-driven output produced by the architect. Exploring Dato’s toolkit, the architect’s data-mesh is used to train different machine learning models, from dedicated neural networks to Deep Learning classifiers, in order to parse out varied conditions, such as surface tessellation, decor and affect, apertures and mass to ground relations.

Beyond Environment, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, September 4 through November 9, 2014; with Emanuele Piccardo
Datadraw, mesh to data classification process visualization, upcoming, Wedge Gallery, Woodbery University; with Jordan squires
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