Thursday, June 20, 2024

Abbey Ryan


Abby Ryan is an artist who gained fame by posting a painting a day on ebay for sale. Because of that and her blogging activity, she now earns over 200k a year from ebay and continues to gain international notoriety. In this interview she explains how it all happened. Her website can be seen by clicking here.

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  1. […] Ebay is another online selling giant. It is easy to become an Ebay seller, and like Amazon the site has a built in audience already. You can choose to sell on your own or, for additional cost, Ebay has experts who will create listings using photos you provide and help promote your product. Ebay is also dedicated to seller security. They have a huge team specifically tasked with protecting the privacy of both seller and buyer. I interviewed an artist who makes over 200k a year selling art on ebay by posting a painting every single day – her name is Abbey Ryan. […]

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