Toni Kleinlercher

Portrait_ToniBorn 1958 in Schwaz/Austria. Grown up in the Tyrol. Lives and works as an experimental writer, multimedia artist and teacher in Vienna/Austria.

Studied mathematics and geography from 1978-1982 at a college of education in Innsbruck, german literature and art history from 1982-1984, ethnology from 1992-1994 at the University Innsbruck. 1985 first book publication. 1992 first solo exhibition. Removal from the Tyrol to Vienna 1994, emigration to Tokyo 2003, living in Tokyo for a period of 6 years, moving back to Vienna 2009.

With Kleinlercher the nature question is transformed into a Wittgensteinian language problem, which the artist, as a so-called observer of the second order, imports into the white cube of the art system. In the context of selected ‘landscapes’, Kleinlercher develops observational arrangements in order to start operations of ‘reflexive communication’.

le fantôme afrique, Bandiagara, Digital C print, 80 x 120 cm, Dibond backing and back brace, 2012.

Recent exhibitions/projects/events; Kunstraum Bernsteiner, Vienna, Austria; Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA;  Hybrid So+Ba Gallery, Tokyo, Japan; BOICE Planning, Tokyo; Japan, Ǻrhus Kunstbygning, Center for Contemporary Art, Ǻrhus, Denmark; Gallery Roentgenwerke, Tokyo, Japan; Thailand 3rd New Media Arts Festival, Bangkok, Thailand; Nicolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Denmark; Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria; Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan; Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan; etc.

Books include; Toni Kleinlercher, Die Obdachlosen lesen Nietzsche, Klever Verlag Vienna 2012. Toni Kleinlercher, reflected in an unmarked space, Edition Splitter, Vienna 2003. Toni Kleinlercher(Hrsg), Decodierung:Recodierung, Triton Verlag, Vienna 2000. Toni Kleinlercher, Eiweißschaum aus allen Pornotoren, Blattwerk, Linz 1998. Toni Kleinlercher, Landmarkierungen, Sonderzahl Verlag, Vienna 1994. Toni Kleinlercher, Chronik eines angekündigten Schneefalls, Tiroler AutorInnen Kooperative, 1993. Toni Kleinlercher, In 80 Sonnenständen durch die Wüste, experimentelle texte nr.33/34,Siegen 1993. Toni Kleinlercher,üsten.adern, Hand-Presse, Innsbruck 1989. Toni Kleinlercher, Drum nimm mir meinen Mund vom Mond, Bläschke, Klagenfurt 1985.

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literary agglomeration, heldenplatz, fineliner on paper, 90 x 60cm, 2014.
Herald Tribunes small
textscapes, International Herald Tribune, Aug 16th, 2013. Relief, Newspaper collage, 12 x 80 x 120 cm, 2013.

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