Saturday, November 26, 2022

Jorge Pardo

Jorge Pardo, Installation Artist

Bending, stretching, and breaking the boundaries between sculpture, installation, design, and décor, Jorge Pardo delights in upsetting art’s traditional dichotomy of high/low and banishing the cold, white cube image of contemporary art galleries. Instead, his Duchmpian shows often consume the gallery or museum space, filling it with carefully selected, colorful domestic accoutrements, prints or photographs by the artist, his signature squiggly lamps, and other prefabricated or artist-made objects. Typical of his oeuvre was Pardo’s 2008 exhibition “House” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. With seven sections, the installation was divided into “rooms” with distinct furniture, photomurals, paintings, and tromp-l’oeil illusions, all presented as a single, synchronous artwork. Pardo is a MacArthur fellow and a highly acclaimed artist. Learn more on his website by clicking here.


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