Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Duane Michals

A Book Michals was sharing with handwriting and a bird's wing
A Book Michals was sharing with handwriting and a bird’s wing


Duane Michals is an artist with a major retrospective at the moment at The Carnegie Museum of Art. He has published numerous books throughout his lifetime, and many of them can be seen and bought here on amazon.

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  1. […] Duane Michals is preparing for his own death. He will soon turn 88 and feels overwhelmed by the human condition. He lost a friend of 57 years four years ago and saw him through his death from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. After this, Michals began preparing for his own inevitable demise. He has squared away all the business components of death, including paying for his cremation up front. Michals believes that one should bring the same curiosity to death as to life. Michals speaks about the beauty and naturalness of sex. Although his own libido has cooled over the years, it has not been extinguished and he still enjoys the depths of sensuality. Michals presently has shows at the Morgan Library as well as the DC Moore Gallery. This was Michals’ second interview with Praxis. To hear more of this fascinating conversation, listen to the complete interview. And to hear his previous discussion with Praxis, click here. […]

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