Brainard Carey giving a a lecture at Sculpture Center, NYC

Brainard Carey has been interviewing artists and members of the art world since 2002 when he started writing for the Brooklyn Rail. He founded the interview series for Yale radio in 2010. He lectures on art and art education. He is an artist that collaborates with his wife Delia Carey under the collaborative name, Praxis. The interviews on this page are from his public affairs show on Yale radio, WYBC.  Contact Brainard by clicking here.

Brainard Carey was born in Manhattan, New York, and grew up in Yonkers. After attending undergraduate art school at SUNY Purchase, he moved to Rhode Island and opened a gallery and began publishing a literary magazine. Carey then moved back to New York City, where he met Delia Bajo, and cofounded Praxis, which was invited to be in the Whitney Biennial in 2002 and to be in a solo show there in 2007, as well as other venues around the world. The current project of Praxis is The Museum of Non-Visible Art.

Carey also has an educational business that helps artists to write grants, exhibit, and advance their careers, Praxis Center for Aesthetics. His books for artists can be seen here. He splits his time between New York City and a studio in New Haven, Connecticut.