Lisa Le Feuvre

Lisa Le Feuvre is a curator, writer, editor and public speaker. Since 2010 she has led the Henry Moore Institute, a centre for the study of sculpture. Committed to communicating and testing ideas, she has curated exhibitions in museums and galleries across Europe, worked as an educator in cultural institutions and universities across the world, with her writing published in international publications and journals. Currently she is researching the relationship between sculpture and prosthetics for a publication. This year at the Henry Moore Institute she has commissioned Aleksandra Domanović to develop a new body of sculpture, and is bringing to fruition an exhibition dedicated to Jirō Takamatsu.

Henry Moore Institute: ignition of Dennis Oppenheim’s firework sculpture ‘Mind Less Mind’ (1975) in 2013
Henry Moore Institute: Rebecca Warren’s ‘Man and the dark’ being installed, 2016
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