Tomás Díaz Cedeño

Tomás Díaz Cedeño (b. 1983, Mexico City) lives and works in Mexico City. Most recently his work has been shown in a solo exhibition at Silke Lindner (New York) and featured in the group exhibition Equis, I Griega, Zeta at Anonymous (New York).

Previously, his work has been featured in the 2021 New Museum Triennial Soft Water, Hard Stone (New York, NY ) Museo MARCO (Monterrey, MX), Fundación Casa de México en España (Madrid, Spain), PEANA (Mexico City and Monterrey), Francois Ghebaly (Los Angeles, CA) and Galerie Nordenhake (Mexico City).

Residency programs completed by the artist include LaCasaPark Artist Residency in New York and Casa Wabi in Puerto Escondido. 

Tu, Casi Todo El Tiempo (You, Almost All the Time), 2023 Terracotta, glaze, steel 26 x 20 inches
Earthy, Almost Comforting Scent, 2023 Terracotta, glaze steel 38 3/4 x 30 inches
Humming Song II, 2023 Cast aluminum, electronic mechanism, rattles, outlet Various dimensions